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Birla Advaya Master Plan

Birla Advaya Master Plan is sprawled over 10 acres of land in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, West Bangalore. More than 8 acres of land are dedicated to flora and open space. It is a sophisticated township development that includes precisely designed apartments and rowhouses. The project includes more over 600 dwelling units spread across three towers, making it one of the lowest-density developments. Broadway Malyan, an internationally known architect, designed the project.

The master plan, also known as a comprehensive plan, provides a long-term vision for a project's growth. It contributes to achieving a development plan's full economic, social, and environmental potential. A detailed project delivery framework complements a master plan. It helps determine the project's timeline and cost. It also helps to appropriately phase the project. It ultimately improves the credibility and visibility of a development effort.

Birla Advaya Master Plan has been created to offer citizens with a comfortable but expensive lifestyle. The proposal consists of three blocks, each with a ground floor and approximately 33 stories. The project is situated on a quiet 80-foot-wide road with low traffic volume. The project has a 70-metre frontage that faces the major approach road, which is 18 metres wide. The project overlooks 250 acres of luxuriant nature in the reserve forest. The residences face both east and west.

More than 40 amenities are scattered across a 25,000-square-foot Club House, which includes a dedicated health street and a club street that connects all towers. An exclusive landmark sky club at 350 feet, with a perfect view of the city skyline, is also planned for the project. The majority of the units overlook the greens, which provide the freshness of a continuous, huge verdant spread, while the remaining units provide outstanding city night views.

Birla Estates is devoted to sustainability, and the Birla Advaya master plan was created with this in mind. The project is designed to be energy efficient, with sustainable materials and methods. The project is environmentally friendly, as it includes rainwater collection, garbage management, and a sewage treatment plant.

The master plan for the project was created by the renowned architectural firm HOK, which is known for its innovative and sustainable designs. The project has been developed to provide residents with a peaceful and expensive lifestyle with a perfect layout and sustainability mix. The developer intends to use a variety of sophisticated technology during development to make the project safer, faster, and more reliable, making it an excellent investment opportunity.


1. Describe a master plan.
The layout design for the entire residential property is called a master plan. The layout of the dwelling towers, clubhouses, open spaces, internal roadways, linking junctions, and other infrastructure features are shown, along with the access and exit points.

2. What details are available to a buyer in Birla Advaya's master plan?
This project's master plan spans 10 acres, including 8 acres of open space. Three housing towers totaling thirty-three stories are part of the project, which houses 630 exquisitely built luxury apartments and row houses.
The apartments range in size from 450 square feet to 1800 square feet and are offered as 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK units. The Row residences are luxurious five-bedroom homes with a 3000 square foot SBA. The Master Plan shows that there will be clubhouses, amenities zones, large parking lots, and wide internal roadways.

3. Who are Birla Advaya's master planners and architects?
Birla Advaya's architect and master planner is Broadway Malyan, a well regarded design firm worldwide.

4. Do the row houses and apartments adhere to Vaastu principles?
Indeed, Birla Advaya's housing units adhere to Vaastu principles.

5. When will this forthcoming project be launched?
This project is scheduled to begin in January 2024, with possession anticipated in 2028.

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